We are a website that reports news from India online. The majority of the stuff we publish is in the English language. On this website, you may read the most recent news reports from all over the world. We cover everything from the most recent developments in technology to those in the real estate market, as well as international politics and the entertainment industry.

Basically this website accepts free guest post submissions. Ocean Search is the one-stop destination for you to catch everything happening around you. In our portal we cover a huge range of genres which include:

  • Blockchain technology
  • Real estate
  • Machine learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • Technology trends
  • Mental health
  • Medical
  • Job Market
  • Bollywood
  • Stock market

In addition to hiring seasoned journalists as contributors, we also provide opportunities for up-and-coming journalists to contribute to our publication.

One of the best things about Ocean Search is that, the whole interface of the platform is pretty simple. One can filter and search from month wise, category wise, recent to old etc. You will hardly spend a few seconds and with a single click of a button.

As the name suggests, Ocean Search has a huge pool of information available similar to the size of ocean which is never ending.

You can search about every topic and be well aware here!