How To Price Your Fitness Videos? Complete Guide to Subscription Business

If you are a fitness coach, personal trainer, or yoga instructor, you may be thinking “how to make money”. Did you know that one of the easiest methods to monetize your content is to sell fitness videos for a membership price?

Yes, you heard that right!

You may charge a recurring price for access to your material using subscription business models. This step will open new income generating avenues for you. But how can you choose the ideal cost for your workout videos? Let’s try to find the answers to such questions from this post.


👉 Look up comparable services.

Find out how much to charge for fitness videos compares to what competitors are charging for their fitness videos. Consider the quality of their videos, the expense of creation, and the total value they provide.

👉 Examine Fitness Videos Price

Compare your fitness videos’ costs to those of competitors. Consider their offers and how they are priced. To stand out from the competition, try to match the prices and services of market competitors while also providing something special.

👉 Think about pricing strategies

When you think on “how to make money from fitness?” determine the optimal pricing strategy for your company. For this you may need to test out a few alternative options. You may start with a base package that includes only the most essential functions and charges more for the extra features. You could also charge a fixed monthly cost for a membership that gives customers access to all your videos.


👉 Identify Your Target Audience

Consider whom your service is intended for and what their potential spending power is. It is an essential factor to answer your query “how to make an online fitness program?” Doing so will assist you in deciding what kind of price structure is best for your intended market.

👉 Determining Your Base Price

Establishing a basic price should be your first step when thinking about how to sell workout videos online. This basic price should include all the expenses related to producing and distributing your videos, such as those for production, marketing, and any service fees. 

Once you’ve established a base price for your product, you may start to modify it in accordance with consumer demand. You could also wish to consider extra charges for customization, such as adding more content or offering individualized coaching. A 30-minute exercise video typically costs between Rs. 399 and Rs. 599.

👉 Evaluating the Competition

After establishing your basic pricing, it’s important to analyze the competitors. What are the prices for similar exercise videos in your market? Do they provide subscription services or bulk discounts? What add-ons do they provide? You can evaluate the market worth of your product and modify your pricing by asking yourself these questions.

👉 Estimating Sales and Profits

Calculating your sales and earnings comes after setting your base pricing and taking the competition into account. To calculate your net income, deduct all your expenses from your receipts. You should also consider extra customization charges and group discounts for subscription plans if you want to optimize your revenues.

👉 Discounting Techniques and Offering Discounts

Offering discounts and using discounting techniques may be excellent ways to draw in new clients and boost sales. It may also give guidance on “how much to charge for fitness videos” Introduction discounts, group discounts, and loyalty programs are typical discounting techniques. You may also think about giving discounts to clients who recommend others to your company or promote your films on social media. You may also think about giving members of organizations or groups with specialized interests discounts.


👉 Pay-Per-View

One of the simplest methods to think about how to make an online fitness program is through pay-per-view (PPV) pricing. Viewers pay a one-time price to access your content under this business model. This strategy works well if you’re promoting a one-time streaming event or a unique exercise class or live stream fitness video.

👉 Subscription Model

Subscribers pay a set monthly charge to access your material while using this business model. This is a fantastic choice if you provide ongoing material, like a schedule of classes or a collection of workout videos. You can also employ this strategy if you’re providing exclusive stuff, such as supplemental information or in-depth courses.

👉 Bundled Offers

Bundled deals are a fantastic method to draw in new visitors and maintain the interest of current ones. You may offer discounts for signing up for longer membership terms, or you can create a fitness course with other goods or services like nutrition programs or workout gear.

👉 Free Trial Offer

A great strategy to get new viewers to check out your fitness videos is by providing a free trial period. This business model is a great avenue for your query, “how to sell workout videos online”. Users get a certain amount of time to see your material before deciding whether to pay for it. This strategy also enables you to get insightful information about viewer behavior that can be used to adapt your content to their requirements better.

👉 Tiered Pricing

Tiers or levels of service are the basis of this pricing structure. Based on their usage or demands, customers pay varying charges for various service levels, for example, The more advanced the level of access, the more costly the package.


👉 Social Media Platforms

Social media may also be used to engage more with your audience, establish relationships, and enhance engagement. Your workout videos may get a lot of exposure on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To spread the word about your videos and advertise deals, you may publish content.

👉 Paid Promotion

Platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads allow you to run advertisements. In order to reach the correct people, these sponsored advertisements can be targeted to certain audiences. Paid advertising may be a fantastic method to get your fitness videos in front of more people and raise their profile.

👉 Email marketing

A wonderful strategy to stay in touch with your consumers and sell your fitness videos is through email marketing. Email may be used to distribute newsletters, limited-time offers, and company updates. Email is another tool to persuade clients to subscribe to your service.

👉 Referral Initiatives

Referral schemes are an impressive method to acquire recommendations for your workout videos from people you know. This may be a potent strategy for raising interest in and involvement with your company. Customers who recommend your services to their friends and family may receive rewards from you.

Over to you:

fitness trainerize video pricing might be confusing, but when done effectively, it can support the development of a profitable subscription business strategy. You can maximize your video sales revenue by knowing the content’s worth and pricing it appropriately for your target audience.

To keep your subscribers interested in and thrilled about your content, you should also think about adding new services and offers. You can discover the ideal membership for your fitness videos with a clear price plan and a willingness to test different options.

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